FNDP Week #215 – Summer is Back

FNDP Week #215 – Summer is Back

Enjoy Tonight’s Tunes!!!!!!!!

Sound of Summer (Norwegian) Lovebugs

Summertime – Featuring N2P Diana A Merry

Summertime Jams MC Statistics

The Year Without A Summer Coltrane Motion

Summer Feeling Hitchhiker

Nettaiya -crazy summer night- Beck Kamichika

Summertime Freestyle Sean Loyalty

Summer sun PJ

Summer Pop Radio Shine Zerobae


So messed up New York Summer

Summer Away Aloha


Opening song: Switchblade Yamasaki
Closing song: Gymnopedie Seed A.I.
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Music provided via direct permission from the publisher, iodaPROMONET, ccMixter or the Podsafe Music Network

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