FNDP Week #179 – Relax

FNDP Week #179 – Relax

Enjoy tonights tunes!

Where You Are Liz Lohnes
Elixir Meroz
Cha Cha Eletrophonique
Can You Handle It (Loud) Liz Lohnes
In The Night Remix Lemon
I Can’t Give You Up (The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE Remix) Cryptonites
Give It up, Don’t Ever Stop Grand Savior
Murder By Disco (ft. Wonder) The Kids Are Radioactive
Higher (ft. LexiconDon) The Kids Are Radioactive
If I Die Butta Verses
Inna Light WrittenHouse
Don’t Hear A Single The Major Labels

Opening song: Switchblade Yamasaki
Closing song: Gymnopedie Seed A.I.
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Music provided via direct permission from the publisher, iodaPROMONET, ccMixter or the Podsafe Music Network

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