FNDP Week #75 – Outta Here

FNDP Week #75 – Outta Here

Enjoy tonights tunes!

Borderline - Single “Borderline” (mp3)
from “Borderline – Single”
by Jody Watley
(Avitone Recordings)
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I Dont Know Why I Love You – Haji and Emanuel Remix The Brand New Heavies

Do Something “Tantra Remixed by Junior Vasquez” (mp3)
from “Do Something”
by Waterbone w/Junior Vasquez
(Ultraviolet Productions)
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Hello Mademoiselle “Better Days” (mp3)
from “Hello Mademoiselle”
by Stephane Pompougnac feat. Varano & Tiger Lily
(Pschent Music)
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Summer Love 2007 “If You Only” (mp3)
from “Summer Love 2007”
by Chieko Kinbara
(King Street Sounds)
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Betty Davis “Anti Love Song” (mp3)
from “Betty Davis”
by Betty Davis
(Light In The Attic)
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Lose You New York FMOS

Cupid “A Real Guy” (mp3)
from “Cupid”
by Sylfronia King
(Platform Entertainment Group/NAE Records)
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Nia “The Fabulous Ones” (mp3)
from “Nia”
by Blackalicious
(Quannum Projects)
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Set Yourself On Fire “Ageless Beauty” (mp3)
from “Set Yourself On Fire”
by Stars
(Arts & Crafts)
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Panima EP “Wake Up” (mp3)
from “Panima EP”
by Panima
(Intravenous Records)
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And Then It Got Ugly “Dead And Well” (mp3)
from “And Then It Got Ugly”
by Rhino Bucket
(Acetate Records)
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Opening song: Switchblade Yamasaki
Closing song: Gymnopedie Seed A.I.
Check out all the action at www.fridaynightdanceparty.com
Unless noted, music provided via direct permission from the artist, from IODA PROMONET or the Podsafe Music Network.

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