FNDP Week #69 – Lucky

FNDP Week #69 – Lucky

Enjoy tonights tunes!

Rain Adama
Remix Megamix Clea
Lucky Luka DJ Rhenalt
Clash Money team9
Live Turntable Session 1 K-Delight
Keep It Hot Y’all Jeremy Sylvester
Money Simon Horner at Amie Street
Let The Music Play Julio Child at Amie Street
Here Comes The Night Codebreaker
Take Your Mama Scissor Sisters
Bang H-Beam
Soccergirl Brother Love

Opening theme: Switchblade Yamasaki
Closing theme: Gymnopedie Seed A.I.
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Unless noted, music provided via direct permission from the artist or from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network.
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