FNDP Week #42 – End Of The Year!

FNDP Week #42 – End Of The Year!

Enjoy tonights tunes!
Gut Bucket James Brown
Soul Connection RockDownBaby
Still Happy Kelly Mueller
Four seasons remix JINGLE
Everything Lori Malvey
Party Groove Generator
Prognoza na wczoraj Piotr Banaszek
Everybody John Myers
Hunana .Lark Wiskey
dancefloorlover electrobuddha
Existence Nick Murray
Razorblade Salvation Jedi Mind Tricks f/ Shara Worden
19 yrs on tonio
Lets Be Honest The Havenots
Down Town Tommy Brown
Kill Her Off The Ropes
Monster Meg and Dia
Balconey Cigarettes Any Day in June
Your Own Road Stefanie Seskin
Riding In The Backseat The Gentlemen
Dynamite Lady the golden gods

Opening theme: switchblade yamasaki

Check out all the action at www.fridaynightdanceparty.com

Unless noted, music provided via direct permission from the artist or from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network.
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